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H.M.S. Glory Web Site

Home Page

The Web Site for the H.M.S. Glory Association

(the Association is open as associates to family members of shipmates who served on any of the commissions)

Find old ship-mates, read about the aircraft carrier and view photographs from her commissions.

Web Master 1953     kyalami7s@hotmail.co.uk

President :- Bernie Cohen      b.cohen2@ntlworld.com  

    Chairman :-  Les Reynolds        Vice-Chairman:- Trevor Boulding

Next Reunion
This will be at the Savoy Hotel, Bournemouth, 18th-20th March.
See Webmaster's Notes for for details.

Details will be posted here or contact Bernie or Arthur Norman re hotel.


The Webmaster is looking for photographs from the 1949/50 and post Korea commissions to add to the site

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