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Do You Remember?

Page Updated  8 - 11 - 2009

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26 - 2 - 2005 Norman Boyd Scott Stewart was probably with the 14th C.A.G. and he was one of those who got lost in Aussieland. He worked at SMHEA Cooma and joined the Oz Army in 1954 on a six year enlistment being de-mobbed on 11th Feb. 1960. He is believed to have been Sydney in December 1960. He did not turn up to meet his brother in London in the early 60s and has not been in contact with the family since. Do you know what happened to him? Any information to his niece Lindsay on linners@ntlworld.com 


dadontractor_complete.JPG (36965 bytes)15-10-2004 William Bache is believed   to have served on the ship during the B. P. Fleet commission, he may have been engineroom or aircraft. His son has this photograph showing Bill and a couple of his mates sat on the two tractors on the flight deck, Bill is on the right, do you remember him or know who the others are?. Home at that time was in Wordsley in the West Midlands. His son  Gavin is at  me11@screaming.net


 ALEX NAVY1.jpg (105964 bytes)8 - 11 - 2009 John Hem's father in law, Alex Bushell served on the ship during WW2, and was probably in the FAA. Canada, Australia Ceylon were places he mentioned. John wonders if Alex would have been awarded the Pacific Star, "did did the ship qualify for it?"  Photo of Alex, (2nd right) and mates.  Contact John at   johnhems1@tiscali.co.uk