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Page up-dated   2 - 2 - 2007

Ganges   Site gives details of that Association including a list of internet members with some details of their service (great for spotting "old ships") also provides through it's Links a direct link connection to other R.N. Association Web Sites.

Korean War   Details of the three tours in the Korean war carried out by the ship.

USS Bataan  The site of the American CVL carrier that was our opposite number in the Yellow Sea and home for a patrol for a number of us.

Carriers in Korea The Light Fleet Carriers that patrolled in the Yellow Sea

Britain's Small Wars Details of small wars that the country has fought from 1945

H.M.S. Vengeance The web site of our sister ship.

HMS Theseus  The web site of another of our sister ships

World War 2 - F.A.A. A big site giving details of the F.A.A. ships, aircraft, actions and awards

Lost Navy Mates  Pincher Martin's site to look for your old 'run-ashore-oppo' or put all your details up so he can find you

Lost Mates - all Services  Looking for someone you served with in the Armed Forces? try this site.

Old Mates Another All services search engine for lost friends

Old Oppos This one covers R.N., R.M. & F.A.A. Find Associations, Re-unions etc.

M.O.D. Re-united A Three Services site to look for friends and leave messages

Old Ships A site to link you to your Old Ship and Shipmates