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Page Updated:- 19 - 3 - 2013

Association Members Message Page

If you do receive a reply please inform the Webmaster as I need to know if this page is effective

E-mail your message to the webmaster at webmaster@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk for inclusion in this page. Reply direct to the sender or the webmaster.  Please update your mail address if you change it

Looking for 'Old Ships', put a message up here for him, someone may be living next door to him!!!


Where are you now Robbie Booth, Capt Q. D. 1951/53. Also Robert A. (Pony) Moore, messmates on H.M.S. Jutland, shipmates on H.M.S. Anson, was on either the Birmingham or Belfast during the Korean war, left R.N. in 1955 to join the Police. Ernest Blakeman No.249 egb@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk

10 - 3 - 2013 Received via Bernie, I am trying to find information regarding my late father who served on the HMS Glory during the Korean war. I don't know if it was the first or second tours. His name was George Third and he was a Petty Officer. I believe he enlisted as a ships blacksmith. George brought us to New Zealand in 1964 and due to my parents separating  when I was young, I was unable to gather much information on his naval career.
Sadly he passed away in 1988.
I am writing to you in the hope that someone in the association may recall George and be able to provide something about him during his time in the Royal Navy.
See my message on Home Page E G B 

20 - 1 - 2012
  Received this from Oz, anyone remember them, maybe their offspring
are around?  
I remember a sailor called Hugh from H.M.S.Glory who visited my home at Maitland, NSW Australia during the 1940s. I believe he was an officer. We took him out spotlight shooting and by mistake he shot a possum. From then on he boasted about “shooting the Postman”. He was a friend of my aunt Dulce Ellicott. He gave me a lovely picture of “Glory”. I was only a schoolboy then but I was very impressed. I am 80 years old now and Hugh is still a memory. Should anyone know of this man I would love to hear from them. Bruce Baker. 2/34 Melrose Avenue, Gorokan. NSW 2263. Australia. oscarbaker@optusnet.com.au 

29 - 12 - 2011   The late Alf Prigmore joined the ship in Jan. 1947 as a Boy or O/D and left in Sept. Alf was an ex-Ganges boy joining a month before Brian Sell and myself. His son Steve would like to hear from anyone who remembers Alf. Steve has provided some of his father's photos which have been added to !st Com Photos. Steve is at priggers@fsmail.net 

29 - 12 - 2011 Received this today, To HMS Glory members, 

This is to inform you Peter CURTIS  service  number D/LLX 699635 as a Ship's Cook 1st Class
on HMS Glory died 23 Dec 2011 George Manning House, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
Joined The British Royal Navy on the 08/ 05/1943.Demobbed February 1947. Peter always spoke with great affection for  his HMS Glory and her crew. If you remember him the contact is kiwi58@xtra.co.nz

10 - 6 - 2010  Philip Chinnery  Chairman, Nat. Ex-PoW Assoc. has been commissioned to write a book about the experiences of pilots in the Korean War. If any of our pilots would like  to make contact with Philip he is on nexpowa@fsmail.net . Snail mail to him at 59 Pinkwell Lane, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 1PJ. His request was sent in Feb but somehow arrived in my unused webmail and has only recently turned up. 

10 - 6 - 2010  Clive Temple is seeking any information on one of our pilots, William Terrance Sparke who was with 804 Sea Fury Sqdn. Clive has a page on his web site dedicated to  C. P. Sparke and would like to add to it with more information about him and any photos of him from his time on the ship .  http://web.me.com/clivetemple/wokinggrammar/Sparke.html . Clive is at  clivetemple@mac.com This message was also recovered from web mail.

8 - 11 - 2009 John Fogden is searching for information on Lt. Peter Fogden who was killed on 20th December 1952. Lt. Fogden's Firefly was lost when a 20mm cannon shell (WW2 ammo) exploded in the gun damaging the wing and causing the plane to crash while on a strafing run. Any of 821Sqdn. or any one else help? Contact is Jcpfogden@aol.com 

8 - 11 - 2009 This message was posted on 13-1-2002, I have received only one reply shown below.   A group of Aussie divers are keen to make contact with with any relatives/descendants of the following H.M.S. Theseus Aircrew  Lt. Cdr. Nathaniel M. Hearle, Lt. Raymond T.  Walker DSC, Lt. Kenneth A. Sellars and CPO William Lovatt  who lost their lives in a midair collision over Port Phillip Bay on Sunday 20th 1947. Also any of Theseus or Glory's crew who witnessed the accident. Contact thro' the Webmaster on egb@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk   Hi my name is Laura Cross, I  am a descendant of Lt Cdr. Nathaniel M. Hearle. His Grandfather is my Great Great Greatfather. I would be keen to speak to anyone regard this. If you can help Laura is at laura.mabbutt@hotmail.co.uk 

8 - 11 - 2009 John Hem's father in law, Alex Bushell served on the ship during WW2, and was probably in the FAA. Canada, Australia Ceylon were places he mentioned. John wonders if Alex would have been awarded the Pacific Star, "did did the ship qualify for it?" Photo of Alex and mates on the Do you remember page. Contact John at johnhems1@tiscali.co.uk 

17 - 7 - 2009  Keith Thompson was an Air Artificer with the 14 CAG joining the ship in Feb. 1950, leaving in Jan '52 , with a spell at Halfar (Oct.'50-March '51) when the ship returned to the UK to re-commission for Korea.  Following Glory he had 9 months at Deadalus before joining the Indfat' in Nov '52 and then on to the Implac' in Feb '53. He was killed during flight training at HMS Gamecock in May 1954. His son David is trying to trace any information on his father in particular his time on Glory. If you can supply any Info', David is at david@curas-thompson.com 


17 - 7 - 2009  Sally Mills wonders if anyone remembers her dad, Tony Mills who served on HMS Glory 1952/3 before moving across to HMS Birmingham.  He was probably in the electrical branch (JEM, EM2) and may have had something to do with with the ship's degaussing system. Do you remember Tony?  If you do please contact Sally at sallyknox4@aol.com

17 - 7 - 2009 Angie Ward's father, member LSA (V) Bryan Green who Crossed the Bar in Aug 2004 was on the ship in 1950/53, she would like to hear from any of Bryan's friends. Angie found the video clip that is listed on the Home page. Contact her at angie@award25.freeserve.co.uk 

17 - 7 - 2009 Member John Constable served on the ship in 1946 on air maintenance under Sub Lt. Evans. John would like to make contact with Jack Day of Hull, Ray Fullick and Reg of Mess 234 at RAAF Williamstown, they had "Up Homers" with Beth and May at Glenegi when the ship was in Adelaide in June 1946. Also any Shipmates who recognize HMS Gosling 111, March 1944 with FX 685807 in records. If you can help John he is at john1926@btinternet.com 

6 -6 - 2009 The following message was placed on this page on 3-1-2004  Cyril Groom served onboard from July '46 to Jan '47, his son would like to hear from anyone who remembers Cyril. Contact the webmaster at webmaster@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk  there were not any replies but we have now  received a message from Cyril's son's sibling who would like to make contact with him. M S Smith is at Kimmey234@aol.com 

6 - 6 - 2009 Don Bullock from Worcester served on the ship 1945/47 as a radar plotter, do you remember him, if you do his son Mark would like to hear from you at markatergo@hotmail.co.uk 

6 - 6 - 2009 Leading Airman Adam Hutcheon joined the ship on 10/7/1953, (also spent time on Daedalus, Gannet, Heron, Fulmar, Curlew & Sanderling: seatime?) his son would like any feedback from anyone who knew or served with him. Contact at mavman@tiscali.co.uk 

6 - 6 - 2009 Peter Tolson was an aircraft mechanic on the ship during WW2, meeting another of those Aussie beauties and got married and stayed out there living in Melbourne, now a widower he lives in Wagga Wagga. Do you remember Peter? is so please contact his son Jeff (who served on HMAS Melbourne from 1980/82) at Jeff.Tolson@Honeywell.com 

6 - 6 - 2009 Guy Voice, Memorials Officer, Northampton RBL sent the following 
"I write for and on behalf of the Northampton Branch of the Royal British Legion and hope that you may be able to assist with enquiries relating to Lieutenant John Harry Sharp who was born in the town and whose name appears on the National Armed Forces Memorial (NAFM). We are in the process of researching all those from the County who have died in service since the ending of World War Two with the central aim of compiling a short biography on each.  We are also holding a memorial service in June that ties in with National Armed Forces and Veterans Day where we shall read out each name (45 as I write)".
Lt. Sharp's 812 Sqdn Firefly with CPO George Wells as his observer was shot down in the Chinnampo area on 28th June 1951, our third and four caualties. If you have any information no matter how small that would help Mr. Voice please contact him at guy.voice@bt.com  http://northampton.legionbranches.net/

18 - 3 - 2009 Maurice Fearn Bowen Known as Tiny on account of his 6' 5"height was on the ship 1946/47, he may have flown Baracudas on the ship but more likely on the Indefat' but was certainly a Firefly pilot on Glory as his son Ian has photos of him on the ship with them (837 Sqdrn.?) Tiny was also CO of 767 Sqdrn. from 7 Oct. 1053/22 March '55 and was CO of 750 Sqdrn. when he retired. If you remember Tiny Ian is at ibo84661@bigpond.net,au 

18 - 3 - 2009 Kim Whitehead's father Brian was one of those who decided that Sydney held more attractions than a Korean winter in the Yellow Sea. Kim found out that in 1978 that Dad was English when contacted by the Salvation Army, he was R.M. Bandsman Brian Whitehead and was in 31 mess. Kim lives in Sydney and is coming over to London for two weeks 6/20 June this year and plans to do some family research. Contact Kim at kimerley@ozmail.com.au 

4 -2- 2009 Simon Crowhurst's father Robert was on board during the Korean commission, he was a signalman and our Tom Stallard knew him, they were oppos, do you remember him? Simon is at simoncrowhurst@hotmail.com 

4 - 2 - 2009 Tom Hendley served on the Glory, probably 1948/49, during his time in the R.N.. His son Tony is not sure of his rating at that time but he demobbed as a Chief Stoker. Tom was CtB in1976 aged 43 and his son knows little about his father's service. Other ships were Eagle and Warrior. If you can help Tony he is at  thmachines@talktalk.net 

30 - 9 - 2008 Pamela  asks if anyone knew her father Leslie Arnold Povall who was on the ship around the time of the Jap surrender signing off Rabaul, later settled in Sydney after the war. She knows nothing about her father's time on the ship, can you help her? She is at g57@bigpond.com 

22 - 9 - 2008 Phil's father Arthur (Smiler) Staddon served on the ship on the Far East commission and was on at the Rabul surrender signing. If you remember him contact Jim at philstaddon@hotmail.com

22 - 9 - 2008 Ellis Hughes Crossed the Bar recently and his son -in-law is keen to find out Ellis's time on the ship, he was an aircraft mechanic on the ship from around commissioning and may have been on for three years. He was a Petty Officer at the time of his de-mob. If you have information that will help please contact Jim at Jim_McLandress@cwb.ca 

7 -5 - 2008  Lesley Smith's father Derek Collie was on the ship during the Korean commission and was on the radar side, if you knew him Lesley would like to hear from you she is at lesleyculloden@hotmail.co.uk 

16 - 2 - 2008  David Martin's father Bernie who C.t.B. in 1996 came from Shepherds Bush but overcame that by being on the ship from 1949 to 1953. He was a photographer and a mate of the late Barry (Brum) Allsop. David is keen to find out if any of the photographs that I have used were taken by his father. If you remember Bernie, David is at DMartin@bowerandbailey.co.uk 

16 - 1 - 2008 (13-1-2002)    Carol Emerson  is looking for Danny Caville and any of the ex-Jap P.o.Ws who stayed with her late parents Mary & Winston Emerson in Victoia B.C. Canada 1945 including Brig. Gen Sutherland Brown.   Carol can be contacted on carolemerson@shaw.ca 

16 - 1 - 2008  John Green believes his father Ron (Jimmy) Green was on the ship in the early 1950's and was possibly a P.O. Writer, does anyone remember serving with him? Contact John at jwgreen13@hotmail.com 

16 - 1 - 2008  Gerald McAnally believes that his father Edward (Eddie) served on the ship around 1945/47 possibly as a writer and would have been aged around 17/18. Edward died some twenty years ago and his sons have few details of their father's time in the R.N. so would appreciate any information or photos. Contact is Gerald at ger@gmcanally.freeserve.co.uk 

1 - 8 - 2007 Alex Howie  ex 52 mess is looking to contact his "Run Ashore" oppo Sammy Nish. They had good runs in Barcelona, Kure and Sasebo between Aug '52 and May '53. Iff you know of his where abouts please contact Alex at ayrlat@talktalk.net 

16 - 6 - 2007 Julian Downham asks if any one remembers his father Gerald who was on the ship around 1952 and was probably a radio man. Gerry is 79 and still around so maybe we will soon have another member?. Julian is at  j.downham@btconnect.com 

16 - 6 - 2007  I had no replies from the message listed below under date 13 - 1 - 2002 but as it is coming up to the 60th anniversary, 20th July, it is planed to hold a memorial service and place a plaque with the names of the crews on the wrecks.  Bill Grice, webmaster of the Theseus is going out to Oz and would like make contact anyone who was on the ship at the time. He would also like to make contact with anyone who knew Terry Sadler who was Glory's casualty that day and is buried in HMAS Cerberus cemetery, are there any of Terry's relatives around? Contact me at webmaster@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk  or Bill Grice at wgrice@blueyonder.co.uk 

19 - 12 - 2006  Bob Wheeler has found a small silver tray, it's about 3" in diameter and is engraved HMS GLORY. The centre is made from a Chinese coin about the size of the old half crown, it has a dragon on one side and is marked 7 mace & 2 candareens. Bob wonders if it might have been from the wardroom. As the battleship HMS Glory was on the China station I feel it was more likley from that than our era. Your info, ideas to Bob on bobwheeler@btinternet.com

19 - 12- -2006 A/B Wallace James Walsh was on the the in the early days, from 21st Feb to 10th August 1945, anyone out there remember him, also served on the KG5. His grandson Andy would like to here from  you if you do . Contact is at andy@scurr03.wanadoo.co.uk

14 - 12 - 2006  Richard Waghorn's father, 20 year old Sub Lt. Geoffrey Waghorn served  on the ship during the Far East commission in 1945/46. Does anyone recall him? Richard is on waghorn@highgarth2,fsnet.co.uk 

14 - 12 - 2006 Paul Smith's uncle, CPO (AE) Les Shanks of 801 Squadron was with them when they were on the ship during the Korean commission. Les was later at St. Mawgan and Culdrose also did three years in R.N. Recruitment in Bristol. He now has yet another shore base, in the British Legion retirement home in Southam. If you remember Les contact him at les@dubs.co.uk or message Paul at paul@dubs.co.uk 

3 - 11 - 2006  Paul Barnes asks if anyone remembers his father Sammy (Jacker) Barnes from Penzance, a Stoker P.O. who was in the ship during the Korean commission. He was also at the Battle of the River Plate, sunk of Crete, served on Ajax, Renown, Repulse Exeter and Gravlines, Crossed the Bar aged 57 some 27 years ago. Any memories to Paul at barneyb57@btinternet.com 

11 - 2 - 2006  Walter Reed is seeking relatives of C.P.O. Albert Davidson who visited Sydney on HMS Vengeance in 1945, at the age of 5 Walter visited the ship and had lunch in the Chief's mess. Albert and other CPOs stayed with Walter's family at Rathmines Lake, Macquarie, NSW. Albert had a daughter called May who would be about 65 now. Albert was a cousin of both Herbert Walter Reed, a miner and Thomas William Reed of Westerhope, Newcastle on Tyne, both emigrated to Oz about 1920. Names Walter recalls are CPO Richardson from Eagle Street, Accrington (a son called Peter) and a "Smudgie" (Smith ?). Albert was also on Glory for the Korean Commission and again visited Sydney. Any info' to waltereed@hotmail.com  

11 - 2 - 2006 Faith Batson is trying to locate any ship's photo or individual photo of Albert Bertie Waters who was on the ship in 1953, he was a friend of her father's and they joined up together. Albert was also on the Triumph. In November 1953 while swimming in St. Paul's Bay, Malta, Albert drowned.  His family are seeking a photograph of him in uniform, can anyone help? Contact for Faith is Faith45@batsonc.freeserve.co.uk 

11 - 2 - 2006   Harry Roberts A/B Radar was on the ship 1945/47. He will be 80 in March and his grandson Darran would like anyone who knew him on the ship to make contact or visit. the party is on March 18th at Fairweather Green WMC.  Bradford West Yorks. Darran is at darransmiff@hotmail.com 

27 - 7 - 2005  John Watts AB/SE3  was on the ship from 1946 to Oct. '47 when he was demobbed.  His job?? Keeper of Records & Air Publications, his boss was  the AEO Lt.Cdr. Morrow. John's mess was port side ahead of the Marine Bandsmen's and was shared with  Photos and Radar Mechs. He was also in the football team. If you remember him he is at john63watts@yahoo.co.uk 

27 - 7 - 2005  Joe Kydd was on the ship during her time with the B.P.F. Did you know him?  His son is at steve@kydd.co.uk 

27 - 7 - 2005 C/Sgt Albert (Nobby) Watts served on the ship from Nov.1944 till Dec. '47 and prior to that was aboard HMS Carlisle and Jamaica. His nephew Martin is researching a book about Nobby's wartime life. If you have information please contact him at wattseeuk@yahoo.com

27 - 7 - 2005  Ernest Chawner was on the ship during WW2, did you know him? His daughter Beverley is seeking information on him. Contact her on simonthedon@hotmail.com 

27 - 7 - 2005 Neville Lester's late father a CPO Elec. was on for the 1953/54 commission as was his friend "Blood" Reed a CPO Cook? If you knew either of them please contact Neville at neville.lester@btopenworld.com 

27 - 7 - 2005 Terry Craydon died in 2001 aged 76, his widow  Irene would to hear from anyone who was on during the B.P.F. commission and remembers  him playing the drums to make contact. Irene is at irene.craydon@virgin.net 

26 - 2 - 2005  Andrew Freeborn is trying to trace details of this uncle, Sub Lt. Peter Mills, FX112756. He was at HMS Macaw April-Aug 1944, Daedalus Sept.'44 - April '45, joining Glory in May '45. He died in an air accident, missing presumed dead on 18th Dec. 1945. Andrew's mother was too young to remember her brother and they would like to hear from anyone who remembers him, has a photograph of his squadron (837?) or any other information. Andrew is at Freebornsathome@aol.com 

5 - 9 - 2004 Alan House is looking for anyone who might remember his father Paul, who was he believes on the ship from 15th Oct 1946 till 7th Dec '47. He would like to find out what his father's branch and duties were and who were his mates. Alan is in Brisbane at riverhouse2@bigpond.com

9 - 4 - 2004  Gloria Brown was named after the ship, her father was Albert Chambers, also known as Sam and onboard in 1945. He Crossed the Bar in 1966, if you remember him contact Gloria at gloriabrown@hotmail.com

9 - 4 - 2004  Mike Butler's  father Humphrey was a pilot on the ship and was there at the surrender of the Japanese  S.E. Asia forces. He flew Barracudas then Fireflys, if anyone from that commission remembers him Mike would like to hear from you at tba@greenpartnership.co.uk

9 - 4 - 2004  Ken Kendrick was serving onboard HMS Tuscan as crash boat crew on 22nd May 1945 when they rescued Sub Lt. Stone of 1831 Corsair Sqdn  when the ships were off Malta during the working up en-route to the Far East. Does anyone remember this, is Sub Lt Stone still alive?  Ken is at cappy5@hotmail.com

3 - 1 - 2004  Member Peter Parsons is seeking news of, Reg Godden, Don Candy or Fred Doughty, the latter two were on the Korean commission. He would also like to hear from any armourers of that vintage, How about Johnny Johnson who lost his way back to Nowra, Xmas 1951. If you have any knowledge of them contact the ex-armourer at petpar_20@yahoo.com

3 - 1 - 2004  Norm Place would like info' on his cousin Cdr. B. C. G. Place V.C. who was a Sea Fury pilot on board during the Korean commission with 801 Sqdn. There must be some 801's with some personal contact with him. Norm is at normplace@austarnet.com.au

3 - 1 - 2004  Cyril Groom served onboard from July '46 to Jan '47, his son would like to hear from anyone who remembers Cyril. Contact the webmaster at webmaster@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk

31-10-2003  Phillip, son of the late Allan Dews who served on board during the Korean commission was christened in the ship's bell in Valletta harbour on Sunday June 22nd '52. Were any of Allan's mates there? if so Phillip would like to hear from them. He also believes that a photograph of the christening was in ship/naval publication, does anyone recall that or even have a copy? Allan is at dews2@labyrinth.net.au

31-10-2003  Allan Sharp and Ricky Sinclair spent their Aussie leave with the families of Dave & Sue Young and Warren Hyslop. Anyone know of them and their whereabouts as their former hosts would like to make contact with them, the families are at csmoe@bigpond.com

9-5-2003 Bill Grice was on HMS Theseus????? as an Air Mech. (E) in 1947 with 812 sqdrn., 14 CAG, and would like to contact any old mates from 812 & 804. He's at wgrice@blueyonder.co.uk

26-3-2003  Who remembers Doug (Jock) Nichol, one of the dirty hand brigade, an armourer N.A.M.O. Doug now lives in Oz and his friends would like to make contact for him with anyone who can remember him, contact is via joanjeffrey@ozemail.com.au

1-2-2003  Bedelia Cochrane is trying to find Lee Watson, he married Marie Brown (1952?) who worked on the Rotor at Luna Park and was Bedelia's friend Bobbie's bridesmaid when she married Tony Bowker, (also R.N.) in Sydney on 26/4/52. If you know their whereabouts or have any info' contact is bedelico@bigpond.com


1-2-2003 Ian Goldingham is looking for info' on an ex-Glory Seafire and writes "For a number of years I have been researching the 'missing' identity of a Seafire left in N.Z. by HMS Theseus in August 1947. For a long time this aircraft was naturally thought to have come from804 Sqd. even though it had no visible serial number or codes on the exterior. However the recent tracking down of Lt. John Morton (Theseus Photo Officer has proved that all her aircraft were painted in the new "sky" colour scheme and it wasn't until she joined up with Glory in Australia that she received some of Glory's XV's which of course were still in their old "dark slate grey" scheme.  Which means that the Mystery Seafire is almost certainly an ex Glory aircraft.  804 Squadron's Day Book mentions that 4 ex Glory XV's were transferred to Theseus (not known if these were flown or lighted on board) on the 11th of August just before the Carriers parted company in Sydney.  These were then cleaned and re-sprayed while crossing the Tasman Sea Aug 19th - 22nd.  This ties in with John's recollection of the aircraft being lightered aboard in an inhibited condition.   He also seems to remember that there was an extra Seafire that the Engineering Officer "liberated" as a spares ship that probably was destined for Davy Jones Locker as it was bent but not yet broken.  It is this aircraft that we would like to identify or link the surviving photos of the NZ Seafire with any of the Glory's aircraft/deck prangs.  Its main distinguishing feature is the light coloured spinner which has had a wire strike through half of it.  The fuselage appears to be slightly bent behind the cockpit but not buckled or broken". Contact Ian at goldie@kiwilink.co.nz

Ian has sent me photos of the aircraft as it arrived  which show the dark slate grey colour and earlier type of rondels.

24-10-2002 Richard (Lofty) Warburton (D/JX 367638) joined the ship in 1945 and was in 22 mess, serving as a gunner on P2 pompom, if you remember him contact is by snail mail at,  9 Revans Street,  Featherston 5952,   New Zealand.

24-10-2002 Marion Rhodes is looking for information on, or making contact with onyone who knew her great uncle Lt. Richard J. McCandless D.S.O. of  the Sea Fury Sqd 801 on board for the 1952/53 part of our Korean commission.   Contact her at callisto4@bigpond.com

22-12-2002  New member Alan Mitchell (PLYX113773  on board from commissioning to July 1946 would like to hear from former shipmates. Alan is Stateside now but does visit the U.K. from time to time.  Contact thro' the webmaster@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk

15-6-2002 Stan Lewis a Pilot's Mate served with 821 Firefly Sqdn. 14th C.A.G.. His son Darren would like to contact any of his deceased father's friends, in particularly Terry Baldwin.  Contact Darren at darren@linda33.fsnet.co.uk 

15-6-2002 Rob Behan is looking for friends of his late father Harold (Harry). Harry joined the ship in Feb. 1945 as an O/Sea and left in Dec. '46 as Act L/Sea. If you remember him Rob is at robbehan@blueyonder.co.uk 

15-6-2002 Cheryl's father Peter Davey was a C.P.O. Air Fitter on the ship. He also transferred on loan to H.M.A.S. Sydney and was on her when she relieved us in Kure. Anyone who remembers him is asked to contact Cheryl at cherylprc@hotmail.com

8-7-2002 One for the "Old Timers", Malcolm Edwards has a picture of the Battleship H.M.S. Glory in collision with H.M.S. Centurian at Woosing, China in 1900. Anyone have any info on this or the Barfleur and Canopus doing the same at Mounts Bay on 3rd Aug 1904? Malcolm is on malc123456@lineone.net

27-1-2002   Where are you A.B. 'Ginger' Johnson of 12 mess - 1951/53? Your 'Run Ashore Oppo' Roy (Barney) Barnett would like to get in touch again. Roy is at  ROYREMBRANDT@aol.com or try me (ex-mess Leading Hand) on egb@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk

28-4-2002 Where are you Hamish Ross of Helensburgh or Garelochead? Bill (Dixie) Firth would like to here from you, or receive info on him, they served together Dec. '44 - Sept. '45. Bill is at Dixie-Firth@shaw.ca

29-4-2002  James (Taff) Harvey served during 1945/46 and did the Far East cruise spending his time in 64 mess. Remember him? then contact is at sharveyspeck@hotmail.com

13-1-2002    Carol Emerson  is looking for Danny Caville and any of the ex-Jap P.o.Ws who stayed with her late parents Mary & Winston Emerson in Victoia B.C. Canada 1945 including Brig. Gen Sutherland Brown.   Carol can be contacted on carolemerson@shaw.ca 

13-1-2002   A group of Aussie divers are keen to make contact with with any relatives/descendants of the following H.M.S. Theseus Aircrew  Lt. Cdr. Nathaniel M. Hearle, Lt. Raymond T.  Walker DSC, Lt. Kenneth A. Sellars and CPO William Lovatt  who lost their lives in a midair collision over Port Phillip Bay on Sunday 20th 1947. Also any of Theseus or Glory's crew who witnessed the accident. Contact thro' the Webmaster on egb@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk


I am trying to contact Shipmates of my Dad "Garford Elks" (known as 'Ginger'). He served on board H.M.S. Glory from her commission 1945 and went to the Far East to pick up P.O.Ws and I believe he served on her until 1947. He was at the Japanese surrender and the Victory Parade in Australia.   Can anyone help?      Lee is at    Leebevan@aol.com

Is there anybody out there who remembers my uncle, Paymaster Lt.  R.P. Stevenson RNVR.? He was known as Steve. Served on HMS Glory and was in Freemantle for VJ Day, then Rabul, Singapore in Nov.'45, Hong Kong Dec '45/Jan 46 and the on to Sydney. Unfortunately he died of Leukemia in 1952 but my Mother is keen to hear from anyone who remembers him.   Stephen Guy.   lucylocket100@hotmail.com


Roy Baston, Assoc. Mem. No.186 wants to renew contact with Johnny Johnson. If anyone has any information please leave a message at  mozer@foggy.screaming.net


Ron Davis is seeking information on times that our sister ship H.M.S. Vengeance was with the Glory in 1945/46 and wants to make contact with members of 1850 & 812 Sqdns who were on board her at that time. His father was in 1850, (any of our 812  on board the Venge' at that time). Ron is webmaster for their website, see the Links page.  Ron Davis davis.ron@btinternet.com


Judith Brice Murphy is seeking information on her late father. P.O. Elec (Air) Herbert Geoffrey Brice, awarded B.E.M. - Korea. Contact Judith at   JBriceM@aol.com


Colin Yates, Elec. (Air) with the 14th C.A.G. 1948/52 804 & 806 Sqdns. recalls another a fellow Taffy Lloyd Davis also Roy Durant and Roy Axon. He would like to make contact with these and any others who remember him. Contact thro' his son at  yatesmitchell@sympatico.ca


H.M.S. Theseus, Korean Vets. Members of the USS Bataan Assoc. are keen to make contact with anyone who was on board at the time the ships operated together during the Korean War. Contact thro' me. webmaster@kyalami7s.freeserve.co.uk


From: Neil D'Costa  My father-in-law, Ron Rogers, has asked me to send you the following message:

"Can any former HMS Glory shipmates help me contact John (Johnny) Zikking who served on HMS Glory during the Korean campaign. I last saw him in Oz in 1945 when we shared the same tent at HMS Golden Hind (former American army camp at Warwick Farm Racecourse, Sydney). We were drafted to different carriers and I never met up with him again although we corresponded for some years after WWII until his letters stopped. He signed on after WWII whilst I was demobbed. My name is Ron Rogers (then of Sale, Manchester). Any information or help will be very much appreciated."   Contact Neil D’Costa at jalfrezai@yahoo.co.uk


John Adams Member No.295 is trying to make contact with other "Coal Shovelers" from 47 mess on the Korean Commission, in particular Peter Bosher who came from Elm Place, Chelsea.    John is at mgtf2@aol.com


Perce Pountney (A.F/M.W. Welder) Oct '46 to May '47 sends greetings to old shipmates from 33 mess. Messages via nephew at   OldSalopian@aol.com


Duanne Brooks' father, Corporal Leslie M. Issac, a (RAAF?) cook joined HMS Glory on 25th Sept. '45. That was when she was in Sydney preparing to go to the Philippines to pick up the P.o.Ws.. He went to Canada and left the ship on 13th Dec. '45 (at Wooloomooloo?).  Was he seconded to provide extra help in the galley while the P.o.Ws. were on board? He died in 1984. Any information to Duanne at dbrooks@bigpond.net.au   (Friday 13.12.1945 has a special meaning for members 249 & 360)


Jayne Hall's late father was Barry Allsop, on board for the Korean commission as a photographer, Jayne's mother who lives in Australia would like to make contact with any of Barry's friends. Contact thro' Jayne at   bay.rd.service.centre@xtra.co.nz


Tom Hoare who was also on board for the Korean commission 'Crossed the Bar' last month, his nephew George would like to make contact with anyone who knew his Uncle who was he thinks a Q.A. Gunner?   George is at   george-hoare@tinyworld.co.uk


Evelyn Smith's father Walter Raymond Scourse, also believed to be a gunnery rating, served on board for the British Pacific Fleet commission. 'Glory' was his second ship, before that he was on the Ramiles off Normandy and Burma. Evelyn would grateful for any information regarding Walter.  Messages to qae@acenet.com.au


Adrian Keith Blissett served on board 1945/46 as a stoker and would like to make contact with those that remember him, in particular those that still owe him money!!! Contact thro' his son at    gkblissett@aol.com


Joe (Lofty) Twitchin is looking to make contact with HMS Glory Old Bootneck messmates and others from the 1945-47 commission including,  Captain 'Joe' Gosling,  Sergeant 'Dinger' Bell, Corporal 'Slinger' Woods, Jock Toal, 'Butch' Brighton, 'Butch Lyles, 'Monty' Howes, George Ford, Ted Buckman and others whose faces he remembers but not names. Joe is in Sydney at joett@bigpond.com


From the Webmater   Mystery Sub? July 28th 1951 we were ordered out to back up the USS Sicily, one of the escorts got an under water contact and an attack was made which lasted off and on for more than a day. Those onboard below the water line will have heard the depth charging, (not me on my gun) but I do remember the 'copter coming back with a bucket of oil slick sea water. Two of the crew of the main attacking destroyer, the USS Renshaw have spent 10 years trying to find out what they attacked. All record of the attack has been erased from the ships log, why? Read the story and if you have any information contact them at http://www.ussrenshawmysterytarget.com 


Don's father P.O. Charles McBurney (Gunnery) was on board from 1945 to Sept.1946. Don and his mother would like to hear from anyone who remembers him, (over to you Old Timers Timers) Don is at donrayofhopeunesco@btinternet.com


John Constable member No. 188 served on board in 1946 on Air Maintenance under Sub Lt. Evans. John would like to contact Jack Day, Ray Fullick and Reg of Mess 234 at RAAF Williamstown, they had "Up Homers" at Glenegl when the ship was in Adelaide June 1946. Also any S/M who recognize HMS Gosling 111 March 1944 with FX 685807 in it.  john-constable@lineone.net


Fred Doughty, an Armourer on board 1951 was living in Swindon, Peter Parsons is keen to get back in touch, any news of him welcome. Peter Parsons petpar_20@yahoo.com


Keith Unsworth is trying to find out about his father's time on board during 1945/46 (Harold, FX 586281), he has some photographs he would like info on. Keith is at k.unsworth@btinternet.com


Andrew Main is interested in making contact with anyone who knew his father Leonard (Andy) Anderson believed to have been on board during the Korean commission, may also have served on HMAS Sydney. If you can help Andrew is at andymain@andrewmain.freeserve.co.uk