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Page Updated  9 -11 - 2014

6 - 11 - 2014 Another Telegraph Obit. Vice Admiral Anson, joined Glory as a newly qualified pilot with 801 as a Lt.(P) and then onto Ocean with 807. During his service he logged 2,700 hours in planes from biplanes to jets, some of them as test pilot on the Buccaneer bomber. As a Subby  he was on his namesake, the battleship Anson, wonder if it was at the same time me!!

6 - 9 - 2014 The telegraph carried the obituary of Capt. Tommy Catlow, a pre-war submariner, he should have been on the Thetis on the day she went down during sea trials. During the war he was flying out to Malta as a passenger in a Wellington bomber when it was shot down and he became a PoW, after making several escapes attempts he finished up in Colditz. After the war he was "Jimmy" on the London during the Yangtze Incident. During the Korean War he was on Ocean when "She launched a record 5601 aircraft sorties" Strange, I thought we had the record with over 9500 combat sorties, as Capt. P1Pompom and as guns crews were in two watches half were blasted past my head. She did beat our record of 105 sorties with 123 sorties in a day but when we relieved her the Big Chairs back home forbade us any attempt at beating that. So we did the 123 and sent her a signal "We've done the 123, what do we do after tea?"

14 - 12 - 2013 The News Letter that followed our last re-union in October announced that member Tom Baxter had Crossed the Bar.  After the RN Tom joined the police and was in Durham CID, he liked to be called Baxter of the Yard but we from the Korean time knew him as "SBA I/C Rose Cottage"  With his great sense of humour and booming voice he was very good at convincing the hotel guests to buy tickets in our raffles and is going to be greatly missed at all of our meetings.

25 - 9 - 2013  Cdr. Giles Binney, who as a Lt. was a pilot of 812 Fireflies, on a flight in 1951 he was attacked by another of the semi-blind Yank pilots who mistook the "D"-day stripes on the plane for red Hammer and Sickle. Giles followed him back to his base and was in time to put him in his proper place as he claimed to have shot down a Yak fighter. During the war in the Far East we had to a paint white bar either side off our rondels so that they looked like the Yank plane markings. During the Korean War we used the D-day black and white stripes on the wings and fuselage but they did not stop the FAA pilots from being jumped, fortunately  the yanks were not as good at shooting down planes as they were at "Shooting a Line".

10 - 3 - 2013 Two officers, not Association members, who served on Glory have Crossed the Bar.  Lt-Cdr Peter Davies on 18th Dec. 2012 who flew with 804 & 802 as a Lt. and  according to the Telegraph  flew the most sorties, 313, of any UN pilot during the Korean War. They list him as ditching from Unicorn in June 1951 while practicing deck landings before joining Glory and then splashing again on July 18th after being hit on a strike on the railway at Osan-ni this time the Dragonfly picked him up after some time in the water. When he transferred to Ocean he was in Lt. Peter Carmichael's flight when they were jumped by some Mig 15s and Lt. Carmichael was credited with a "Kill", the first for the FAA since WW2.
Sub Lieut / Lieut Harry Allison Bell crossed the bar in Ottawa, Canada on
July 31, 2012. He joined H.M.S Glory at Malta in May 1952 and served in
the Mediterranean and on her third tour in the Korean theatre of war. His
official capacity and details of duty were Engine Room Watch-keeper and
Understudy in all Engineering sub-departments. He spent most of his time
on the flight deck launching aircraft and maintaining and repairing the
catapult. In April 1953 he departed the Glory at Sasebo, Japan and was
promoted to Lieutenant. He was proud of his Korean service and belonged to
the Korean Veterans Association of Canada. Last year he had a happy trip
to Korea with his wife Gwendolyn, including a visit to the North Korean
side of the armistice hut at Panmunjom. May he rest in peace, have fair
winds, and following seas. This was sent by his son.

14 - 6 - 2012  Shipmate Brian Sell Crossed the Bar this morning, Brian and I were in 48 mess at HMS Ganges both communication trainees, eye sight problems forced me to change to seamanship. Brian started Upper Yardsman course but dropped out and also changed to seaman. We both joined HMS Glory as killicks but did not realize that we had been Ganges messmates due to the change of branch, he was in the radar room at sea and boats crew in harbour and I on P1 pompom on patrol and on after end at other times. We made up for it in the last few years and he attended several re-unions including the last one in Bournemouth when he knew his time was running out.

16 - 1 - 2010  Lt. Cdr. Paul Millett DSC who died on 2nd September aged 78 served on the ship with 821 as a Sub Lt. pilot.  On February 9th 1953  when returning from a strike with Capt. Ralph Berry R.A. one of our ground liaison officers the plane's wing dipped as it touched down and swung to starboard and went in over the starboard side of the ship. The pilot was quickly out of the sinking plane but Captain Berry had great difficulty in getting free  and tore his immersion suit in his struggles. After nearly a minute and a half he finally surfaced where they were both picked up by the "Crash Boat", destroyer HMS Comus's whaler. Captain Berry had been there before when  doing a similar job in WW2 his plane had ditched off Burma.

17 - 7 - 2009 Shipmate Bob Worth Crossed the Bar recently, his funeral was on Wednesday 15th. Our standard and the FFA one along with an RNA one were there. there were also enough of us former shipmates, Glory and FAA, attending to form a "guard of honour" which pleased the family and impressed those attending. Bob supplied me with photos and info on them that I have used on the First Commission page.

17 - 7 -2009 Shipmate Reg Watkins C t B this month, his funeral was on Thursday 16th in Coventry.  Reg and I had two other ships in common, HMS Anson where he did his basic training and I was later ship's company before she "Paid Off". Also on one of the beautiful "Battles" HMS Jutland where we were both "A" turret shell loaders.

6 - 6 - 2009 Captain Tug Wilson CBE DFC MiD who died on March 17th at the age of 87. He volunteered for the Navy in 1941 as a naval airman and trained as a pilot in Canada. He served on the ship as a Lt. with 812 Sqdn.  as a Firefly pilot, During the 1950 Med cruise he ditched with engine failure and  was taken down with his aircraft before being able to release himself and join his observer Lt. Hawker, they were rescued two hours later by submarine  HMS Tabbard. In 1951 during an attack on the bridge at Husan-Ni his Firefly was hit by flak and he nursed the plane out to sea before ditching of Paengyong-do where he and observer Sub-Lt. Shepley were picked up by the Yank rescue chopper in four minutes. After converting to helicopters he again ditch this time in the Solent. He was in command of the S & R copters on the Eagle making nine aircrew rescues before becoming senior pilot of 848 during the Malayan troubles and was later commander (air) on Albion.

13-01-2009  Message from Bernie. " Bert Roach, one of our oldest active members has Crossed the Bar, his funeral is on Tuesday 20th at the Kings Lynn Crematorium. Bert paid for our standard in memory of his first wife"   Berni will be attending with the Standard. 


15-2-2003 I have recently been informed that two former shipmates have "Crossed the Bar". On 26  th Jan. Cmdr. F.A. Swanton DSC & Bar, DSO. He flew in a Swordfish during the attack on Bismark, later as C.O.747 flew Barracudas.  In 1944 as C.O. 828 he took part in attacks on the Tirpitz. As C.O. of 814 he flew sorties over Korea in 1951, he took over as C.O. of the 14th C.A.G. in '52 taking part in more operations over Korea.   Also Member Bert Hubbard, as former Capt' Flight Deck, Bert has been a great source of info' on crash photos of the first commission and I am going to miss his help as I continue to build up the site.  May they find "Safe Anchorage".


About twelve messages have been removed today 16-10-04 from the main message page as the address were dead.


Non members who have C.t.B.

Cdr. Bill Hart, as a Middy on the ship he witnessed the signing of the surrender of the Jap forces. Back on the ship in 1951 as a Sea Fury pilot with 804 he was shot down and ditched, flying a few days later he spotted the crashed Mig 15 on a sand bank in shallow water. As a gunnery rating I was taken of the pompom and detailed as cox'un of the motor boat that was to take Air Frame fitters to dismantle the Mig and salvage as much as possible. Cover would be given by our planes and a cruiser. The Yanks put paid to that idea and the planes remains were picked up by a landing craft. April 2014

Sir Jocelyn Buxton Bt. On the Campania covering Russian convoys he helped to shoot down a couple of B &V shadowers. He also splashed down a couple of times. After the war he joined the RNVR and at the start of the Korean War trained as a Sea Fury pilot and was on Glory and Ocean.  April 2014

Lt.Cdr. Johnny Hone.  Another WW2 pilot, he flew Albacores in the desert before converting to the Mk1 Firefly and served on the Pretoria.  During the Korean War was flew on both Glory and Ocean.  July 2014

Lt.Cdr. Kenneth Whitaker. Served on Glory with 804 during the Korean War. April 2014